Monday, June 27, 2016

Changes and Choices | Our Aging Parents (6/27/16, part 12)

I blame the hospital because they let her go back home, after I'd waited a year and a half for something major that would help medical professionals SEE that she's not okay. I've TRIED to make appointments and take her and she's shut me out of everything for the last few years....THIS was the chance for them to notice and they didn't.

I blame the lawsuit-happy freaks who created walls and barriers and obstacles which halt my efforts to help my mother. All the hospital staff and administrators care about is the damn "privacy concerns" and are happy to over and over, block my access to the doctors in the same of protecting themselves I guess.

While her privacy - any patient's privacy - should be a consideration, no one seems worried that she will fall, get lost, forget to take her medications or eat.

I am beyond frustrated at this process that is shutting me, her only family member, out.

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