Saturday, November 14, 2015

"You Find Out Who Your Friends Are" (Actions Speak Louder)

Deep down, I'm sure we all know this already, and probably figure that at some point we're going to see the real side of someone, or maybe the dark side. But what I think we don't expect is that it will be during the worst times in life, during those moments when things are really bleak and tough and then POOF......all of a sudden you look around and "those people" who you thought would be there.....are just, gone. Of course, that's when you LEAST expect to find out that someone isn't who you thought....

....or you learn they perhaps they just don't care about you as much as YOU cared about them. UGH. I HATE finding out I was wrong - that I believed we had something awesome and forever and meaningful - ONLY to learn that someone else really didn't value friendship as much.

It can be a very surreal experience to learn that not everyone feels the same way about loyalty. Sometimes you learn that when life or circumstances get difficult - or if things just don't go the way someone else wants it to - that they are okay walking away.

Some people just don't have it in them to stay.