Sunday, July 9, 2017

"Classic Trucks and Vintage Advertising" | Vehicles at the Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Show

These beautiful old trucks were on display at the Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Association Show held annually in Easton, Maryland. The show, which is hosted by the Tuckahoe Gas & Steam Association each July, features an incredible array of farm equipment and history, steam engines, tractors, antique trucks and vehicles, along with demonstrations of the machines and pulling competitions. Check out the links at the bottom of this post for more on the show!

While I've been to a few similar shows in our area, this was the first time I'd seen trucks like these. The iconic logos and fuel station branding displayed on several of the vehicles really caught my eye. First up is this Dodge with a great Colonial Blue color featuring the Gulf logo and orange accents.

I fell in love with this old Willy's Jeep! That color and the Sinclair advertising really set it off as an exceptional vehicle.

A Chevy "Put a Tiger in your Tank" truck, complete
with the orange passenger in the back. Check out
the blog post for additional images.

An old Mack "B-61" Thermodyne

A vehicle suitable to move buildings!
Ford truck with tractor advertising - actually dark green, it appears black in some of these photos.

It's cargo was a "Golden Jubilee" tractor

Advertising signage

An old Dodge

REO Truck with "Gold Comet" painted on the side

This Red Mack was hauling tractors....Ford racing tractors.

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