Tuesday, December 8, 2015

"Live Well" | About Friendship and Respect

Friends may appear in many different forms. It may not always be what you think someone is, but rather who they turn out to be.

It's often during the cloudy or stormy times in life that the true friends shine through the darkness.

It's not all about who are you are related to.
Sometimes, you will find your family in the people who
you turn to and who you are there for.

Proof that judging others doesn't make you any better.

And as always, "with respect all things are possible".

And yet sometimes we still need to be alone occasionally, to sort out thoughts....

But it's really important to remember that friendship is something that cannot be bought.

It's a process to building a friendship, not just a few things....it's a whole language of it's own. 

 "Friends are the ones we choose."

 What would a great friend be like?

Sometimes we can really make a difference by reaching out to someone who might be alone. 

But always remember, respect is earned. 

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