Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Nautical Holiday | Seasonal Christmas Images from the Seashore

The message of a "tropical Christmas" might bring to mind stately palm trees by the ocean, strung with colored lights and festive beach cottages adorned with wreaths, garland and greenery. While that image may represent what is true of celebrations and holidays in the lower portions of the country, many of us may conjure up the pictures of small villages in colder regions, where crab pots are stacked to form trees, where fishing boats are a part of many Christmas cards, and where forests and mountains are a common part of the scenery. And then there are the vintage, detailed and yet often faded depictions featuring a jolly St. Nicholas by the harbor, scarf-wearing starfish dancing upon the frozen ice of a lake, or lighthouses festooned with decorations, glowing brightly in the night sky. Whatever your memories are - or perhaps favorite places or escapes - these images are for the ones who love to be near - or on - the water, and who find the greatest joy and peace in nature by the shore. I hope you enjoy these that I have come across online and included here. Click on the images to open in a new window for the larger version.



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