Thursday, June 16, 2016

Building a Better Community Starts With Each of Us

Don’t like what you see? Volunteer. It's easy to criticize and point fingers but the REAL value comes when other people walk over and say "How can I help?"

  • Look on your street and find someone to help out
  • Grab some volunteers and give an elderly neighbor a hand with their house
  • Form a community watch
  • Start an email chain or text message alert system

  • Get out each evening and mingle, walk the dog, interact
  • Talk to the people who live next door
  • Be the place where your kids can go out and ride their bikes
  • Invest in sidewalk chalk and start a drawing contest

  • Everyone loves a bubble party one night
  • Hand out trash bags to encourage clean up
  • Potluck meals are an awesome way to break the ice among strangers!

  • Greet and get to know newcomers, then introduce them around to others
  • Invite neighbors to sit outside and chat
  • Buddy-up for walks around the area to observe activity
  • Elect leaders to keep the effort going

What are your suggestions? See more ideas @

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