Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunshine, Seniors and Smiles | Visit to an Assisted Living Facility, part II

We returned to an assisted living facility to visit with residents on Saturday. Some are veterans, a few are shy and not so receptive to coming outside and meeting with us and others loved the motorcycles and even got their pictures taken with them. You can read the post about our previous visit here.

First there's the "ride in", where the bikes gather at a nearby location and then all arrive together at the destination. Of course I am the one on the ground, taking photos as they come down the street.

We're on the board! And although we were squeezed in between some tough competition of Walking Club and Stretch and Flex, we seemed to attract a pretty good crowd.

This was for some of us, the fourth visit we have made to this facility and absolutely it was the most engaged and interested group of residents to date. I give huge credit to the staff for that.....they are never sitting still nor do they act as if this is "just a job" to them. They joined us outside to cheer on the residents who were brave enough to climb aboard a motorcycle, took photos and introduced us to one another. The entire time we were there, if a few people were standing around one of the staffers would ask if they'd like to come back and meet someone and off they would go to chat with a resident. Sometimes but not always, our folks would return with someone who had decided to come out and see what everyone was doing in the parking lot - there were smiles and laughter; hugs and handshaking; and best of all, the residents stayed outside with us!

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