Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vintage Delmarva: Memories of Ocean City, Maryland (part 1)

"Memories of Ocean City, Maryland" ~ Postcards, memorabilia and advertising featuring local landmarks from Maryland's favorite beach towns. These images which feature travel brochures, motel advertisements and depictions of the famous boardwalk, offer a fascinating glimpse into life in our towns from years ago.

64th street Shopping Center

Surfside Motel on 8th Street

Reverse of above

Aerial view of the boardwalk and downtown area

Reverse of above

Vintage Maryland Motel & Cottages

"New Amusements and Board Walk, Ocean City, MD"

Coast Guard station (1960's)

Coast Guard Lookout Tower

Reverse of above

English's Diner and Restaurant - it says
21st street but the only downtown location
I've seen is the 15th street one

Reverse of above

Ocean City Quality Inn on the Boardwalk

The Lagoon Restaurant

The "Miami Court", noted as the largest motel in Ocean City

Another image of the Miami Courts, year unknown

The inlet parking lot (back when we parked diagonally!)

Atlantic Wharf, Sinapuxent Bay Ocean City

Vintage bathers in the surf

Hotel Atlantic, Ocean City, Md

Early image of the Atlantic and Seaside Hotels

Reverse of above

"The Railroad Entrance to Ocean City, Md" via Flickr

Pricing for the Majestic Hotel at 7th Street

Ocean City inlet in 1965, courtesy Trimper's Amusements

Black & white photo of houses on the boardwalk

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