Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tragedy and a Warning Perhaps Not Understood

I'm the devil's advocate and so it's normal for me to view the other side or the side less popular. As a non-Floridian, I'm not sure that signs stating "no Swimming" necessarily translate to, or mean, "Don't go near the water at all". Yes, Florida residents know this but the rest of us do not. To me "No Swimming" means to not go out into the water completely; floating around, diving, etc....but splashing or wading in the shallow edges doesn't appear to be swimming exactly. Yes, it's a fine line, I'm just saying....they were from Nebraska...not sure the seriousness of the situation had crossed their minds.

Until it was explained to me not to walk the dogs near water, even a small canal, I didn't realize the potential for alligators to be anywhere and everywhere. My heart breaks for this family.....blame seems pointless at this time. I'm beyond saddened for this particular tragedy....can't imagine the horror of the parents, the helplessness and sorrow.

Update: So now they are going to put up signs. I realize others are like me; that we don't all realize what Florida is like; that perhaps far too many have assumed some information is well-known. But the signs don't matter now as a grief-stricken young family makes their way back home to the mid-west with one - not two - of their beautiful children.

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